The Poetry of Light and Design.
Made in Spain. Since 1987.

Vibia is a company that makes this a great era to be a designer. The award-winning company
strives to be pioneering and brings out lights that aren't lights in the conventional sense;
rather they're products that offer architects, lighting and interior designers the chance to be
an artist and paint a space with light.

Vibia design beautiful, purposeful objects that invite people to use them to conduct their own performance of light.

Designers :

Antoni Arola
Martín Azúa
Jordi Bassols
Ramon Benedito
Gemma Bernal
Victor Carrasco
Xavier Claramunt
Miquelde Mas Òscar & Devesa Sergi Devesa
Ramón Esteve
Diego Fortunato
Arik Levy
Lievore Altherr
Molina David
Ramos Enric Rodríguez
Pete Sans
Meritxell Vidal
Jordi Vilardell
Josep Lluis
Xuclà Xuclà & Alemany Xucla.